Services Offered By Water Solutions

Exterior Water Drainage Systems

drainage_finished_productWater Solutions, LLC will design and install an exterior drainage system to divert the surface water away from your home and foundation. This system could include downspout diverters, catch basins, pop-ups, corrugated drainage pipe, rubber membrane or Platon® Weatherproofing Membrane.
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Basement Waterproofing and Interior Water Drainage Systems

(9)- New Pump & Basin Installed- Water Already Flowing in-r50

We will install an interior water drainage system that will trap the surface and subsurface water using Water Defense Line (WDL).  The water will drain into a basin and be removed utilizing a sump pump system. To complete the project, we will install an exterior drain system to direct the water away from the foundation.
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Other Services

(20)- FInished ProductIf you have water drainage problems, consider them solved with Water Solutions, LLC. Did you know we also complete a variety of other services? You can trust us to provide expert and reasonably priced landscaping services, concrete work, and so much more. We are a full-service contractor with years of service and hundreds of satisfied customers.
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Foundations, Drainage
and so much more!

  • Re-pitch existing soil/ install additional soil
  • Installation of rubber membrane, mulch or decorative rock
  • Installation of expansion joints & caulking
  • Retaining walls
  • Egress window installation
  • Bowed walls
  • Replace failed basement Walls
  • General Construction

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