Doing More For Customers and Going Beyond

Sometimes, it’s about more than just a drainage problem.

“One day recently, Walt with Water Solutions went out on a call to provide a bid to a woman who had reported drainage issues at her home. Upon arrival,  Walt found the woman in tears. When he asked if he would like her to come back another time, she replied “no,” and went on to explain that she had recently lost her husband and just that day had also lost the ring he had given her. She was devastated.”

going beyond

A few days later, rain was coming down and it was the perfect opportunity for Walt to stop back by and see what was happening with her water drainage issue. When asking if she found her ring, she sadly replied, “no, but I think I may have lost it in some mulch I was putting down the day it went missing.”  She was preparing to leave for an out of town trip and had pretty much given up on finding the ring.

Walt wasn’t about to give up. He sent Water Solutions staff over to search the freshly mulched flower beds around the home. With the help of a metal detector, they found the ring! The woman was in tears when she received Walt’s message.

Rumor has it that Walt had a few tears himself.

…so much more than just Water Solutions!