There are several warning signs that your home might need foundation repair. It’s important to pay attention to your home and watch for anything unusual. Here are a few signs that every home owner should know about.

Cracks in the Foundation & Dry Wall

At Water Solutions LLC, we get a lot of phone calls for cracks in the foundation walls, cracks in the dry wall and ceilings, as well as cracks on the exterior walls of the home. Cracks typically mean that the home has settled in some areas causing part of the structure to shift or sink. This unbalance causes the foundation to separate and crack, and as a result the walls will start to crack.

Doors & Windows are Sticking

Another very common issue is when doors and windows begin to stick and become difficult to open and close. This is another sign that the home has settled and most likely the home will need some pier system installed to level the foundation and fix the problem. As a home owner it is important to do some research on the different types of pier systems that each company uses. Read about the the DynaPier® compared to other common foundation piers.

Signs of Foundation Problems in Omaha, NEWater is Leaking Into the Basement

Common signs that your home needs repair is when water is leaking into your basement. This is another common problem that we can fix quickly. Water can get in a number of ways including, leaking over the top of the foundation, leaking floor cracks, seeping between the basement wall and floor, leaking wall cracks and windows. We find the source of the water leak and fix it fast. It’s important to take care of it sooner rather than later so that there is no major water damage to the home.

If you see signs that your home may need foundation repairs, call Water Solutions and we will come do a free home estimate. It’s important to remember that proactive foundation repair is much less expensive than reactive. Often times home owners can save themselves a lot of money by fixing a problem early rather than waiting to long for it to get bad. So call us today for a free home estimate.


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